Apply Eyedrops Better with XactDrop™

XactDrop™ was created by ophthalmologist and researcher, Dr. Alexander M. Eaton, of Retina Health Center. Most people have problems using eyedrops. In fact, over 85% of people studied were unable to use drops without touching the tip of the eye drop bottle to their eye. That puts you at risk for infection! Eye contact can also cause irritation, contamination of the bottle, and compromise care. Furthermore, a special camera used in the study showed people missing their eyes, without even knowing the drops landed on their face, not in their eyes. A lot of medication was wasted!

XactDrop™ is a solution that keeps the bottle tip accurately aimed at the eye while minimizing eye contact. Additionally, it holds the eye drop bottle steady so shaky hands aren’t a problem. Best of all, XactDrop™ is affordable and reusable!

Who Should Use XactDrop™?

XactDrop™ is easy to use for people of all ages, and can be used by anyone who uses eyedrops, including:

  • Cataract patients, glaucoma patients and others who use therapeutic eyedrops
  • Contact lens wearers who apply lubricating eyedrops regularly
  • Those using eyedrops for allergies, dry eyes and acute infections.

Parents and caregivers, you will feel more at ease using XactDrop™, knowing you don’t have to hold the eye drop bottle close to the eye and risk touching the eye with the tip. Doctors recommend XactDrop™ to patients to help them apply eyedrops as directed.

XactDrop is delivered in a package similar to over-the-counter eyedroppers, and there are two sizes included inside, to fit small and large eyedroppers.

Two sizes enclosed to fit small and large eye drop multi-use bottles. Also available, narrow and wide devices for single-use vials.

XactDrop™ is reusable and two sizes are enclosed in each package to allow you to select the one that works best with your anatomy and bottle type.

XactDrop™ Customer Testimonials & Reviews

“If a person shakes, there is a real advantage to having this device.”

Patient, XactDrop™ Study Participant

“It worked every time. I never missed a drop.”

Patient, XactDrop™ Study Participant

“It’s really terrific. I can feel the drops going into my eye and now I know I was missing before. This device has helped me tremendously.”

Patient, XactDrop™ Study Participant

“It helps a lot. I applied the drops much more accurately with XactDrop™.”

Patient, XactDrop™ Study Participant

“It certainly is helpful. I hit the target every time with XactDrop™. It’s a go for me!”

Patient, XactDrop™ Study Participant

“I’m much more comfortable using XactDrop™ than I am without it.”

Patient, XactDrop™ Study Participant

Application Instructions

Each package includes two sizes to optimally fit your facial features and your eye drop bottle. To begin, start with the blue longer device and try it as outlined to the right with someone watching to make sure you do not hit your eye. If it seems too far away from your eye, switch to the green shorter device and try it with someone monitoring you to make sure it does not hit your eye. In our experience, people generally do best using the XactDrop™ device when the tip of the bottle is approximately 1cm away from the eye.

How to Use:

Image of Simply attach XactDropTM to your bottle of eye drops.

Simply attach XactDropTM to your bottle of eye drops.

Image of Take top off and rest XactDropTM on the bridge of the nose.

Take top off and rest XactDropTM on the bridge of the nose.

Tilt your head back, pull lower lid down with a finger of the hand that is not holding the bottle to create a pocket, look up and out (between the top of your head and ear), and squeeze the bottle.

Tilt your head back, pull lower lid down with a finger of the hand that is not holding the bottle to create a pocket, look up and out (between the top of your head and ear), and squeeze the bottle.

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