Difficulty attaching to eye drop bottle: XactDropTM is designed to work with most round eye drop bottles that have a ring below the cap of the bottle – if it does not have that ring,XactDropTM may not work with your bottle. Slide theXactDropTM clip around the neck (between the ring and the body) of the bottle, with the nose rest pointing up as seen in figure 1.

Eye drop is landing below eye: Tilt head further back, with a finger of the hand that is not holding the bottle, pull lower lid down more to create a better “pocket”, and then squeeze the bottle.

Drop landed on upper lid: Look up more toward the top of your head. Try pulling upper lid up instead of lower lid down with a finger of the hand not holding the bottle, or pull upper and lower lids open with two fingers of the hand not holding the bottle at the same time.

Blinking or “squeezing” eye: Tilt head back, look up and out between the top of your head and ear, and try holding both upper and lower lids open with two fingers of the hand not holding the bottle.

Instructional videos: If you are still having trouble, see the instructional videos on using XactDropTM and troubleshooting by CLICKING HERE.

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